At Motus we have high ambitions - and this includes the zero accident philosophy:
  • At Motus the zero philosophy represents both a goal that we work to meet and a way of thinking
  • Management of health, environment, safety and quality is an integrated part of Motus' management system and is reflected in our day to day operations
  • All employees shall continually search for improvements in our products and the way of working
  • We shall exeed our customers expectations by providing the highest quality of products and services through a high degree of management and dedicated employees
  • Our products and services shall have the right quality in accordance to applicable laws, regulations, rules, standards and specifications and always be delivered on time and on budget
All employees, their families, customers and the community around us will  through our personal attitudes and behavior perceive Motus as a company characterized by:
  • A reliable company with a high level of competence
  • Open minded and new thinking organisation
  • Including working environment
  •  People that care about the environment
  • A learning organisation