Motus A-Frames

Motus design and manufacture A-frames customized to fit customer’s need and vessel size. The A-frames are electro-hydraulic driven with well-proven technology, designed for operation in an offshore environment.

The A-frames are well suited for operation over the stern, over the side or over the moon pool. The lifting operation may be performed by the anchor handling/ towing winches or by dedicated subsea winches with or without an active heave compensation system. The lifting capacity are typically from 50T to 500T.  

Features / Benefits

• Designed based on DNV 2.22
• Width and height according to client specification
• Wire may be routed directly through a centre sheave or through sheaves along one of the legs.
• Standalone HPU or HPU built into the A-frame structure.
• Robust design
• Operation temp -10 to +45°C
• Manoeuvre valves at a fixed position.
• Weather resistant valve cabinet
• External piping stainless
• Minimized usage of hydraulic hoses.
• Other regulations upon request
• Radio remote control
• Powered by vessel HPU
• Hazardous area (zone2)
• Utility winch on top of the A-frame
• Foundation bolted to deck (freeing deck space for operations where the A-frame is not needed)
• Operation temp. -40 to +45°C