Motus All-Electric Marine Cranes

Motus offers now the world's first All-Electric Marine Crane. The new patented design is based on well proven technology and solutions form our Marine Crane portefolio. The All-Electric Marine Crane is environmentally friendly with no hydraulic oil and no risk of emissions. The cranes can be delivered in a range from 12 - 20 meters' outreach with 1 - 5 T Lifting Capasity. 

Features / Benefits

• Environmentally friendly
• No hydraulic oil
• Low noise level
• Lower energy consumption
• Reduced operational cost
• Extended liftetime of components
• Less need for service
• Fewer consumables
• Robust design
• Main structure metalized
• Radio remote control
• Self-contained
• Designed and certified according to NMA FOR nr 4, ILO 152
• Designed based on DNV 2.22  
• Other regulations upon request
• Offshore classed 
• Ship to Ship lifting 
• Hazardous area (zone2)
• Personnel lift
• Optimized performance by usage of Control system and load charts 
• Operation temp. -40 to +45°C
• Camera system With screen on bridge