Motus Ice Trawl Davit System

For decades Motus have been the preferred supplier world wide of complete Ice trawl davit system to the fishing industry. Motus experience and expertise ensure an optimized design according to various ship designs and requirements.

The davits mission is to guide the trawl wire downwards and toward the vessels centreline and sea surface. This will prevent the trawl wires to be damaged due to ice. The davits are mounted on both port and starboard aft of the vessel.
Features / Benefits 
• Safer deck environment for crew
• Reduce wire damage due to ice
• Increase towing time
• Reduce vessel towing turning radius
• Fuel economy
• Designed based on DNV 2.22
• Robust design
• Fitted to trawl deck arrangement
• Control station on both sides of deck
• Control station on bridge
• Electrical and manual control
• Operation temp -10 to +45°C 
• Camera system with screen on bridge
• Operation temperature -40 to +45°C
• Extra parking towing/parking position