Motus 3D compensated crane

The Motus 3D Crane is primarily designed to be placed on a vessel and transfer cargo/goods and personnel to/from windmills or other fixed installations. The standard cranes are developed to include a 3D compensation system for compensation of ship motions during lifting to/from a fixed object like a windmill. 

All-Electric fixed boom crane

The Motus all-electric crane is designed for fixed installations which is normally unmanned. The crane have few moving parts/components and requires reduced maintenance compared with other crane types. Since the crane is all-electric driven, the power consumption is very low. The crane can in special cases also be adapted to remote or automatic operation.

Motus Winch Systems

We design, build and test winch systems to meet your needs. Amongst others we offer riser pull-in systems, umbilical pull-in systems and buoy pull-in systems.

Modifications and upgrades of excisting products

Based on decades of experience within modification and upgrades of Lifting and Handling equipment we can offer you sustainable and cost-effective execution of a large range of projects, both onshore and offshore. 

With all required resources in-house, the necessary tools and an extensive workshop facility located nearby, we can take on all types of projects and complexity.

With use of best practise from various industries and Always Safe in mind, Motus is ready to challenge established routines and methods to give you a competitive solution. 

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